Monday, July 14, 2014

Port Jefferson

Extreme low tide at Manhasset Bay
There is a standing joke on Long Island Sound that the average winds are 10 to 15 kts. In actuality this means the winds are either 0 to 5 kts or 25 to 30 kts for an average of 10 to 15 which is never experienced. So just like the standing joke, yesterday was 25 to 30 kts and today was 0 to 5 kts on our way to Port Jefferson. Now we can say that our winds have so far been 10 to 15 on average!

We're all alone in the anchorage
I'm sure that Tuesday will bring one of the two extremes as summer thunderstorms roll through the area. With that we're ensconced in our favorite anchorage in Port Jefferson and will sit out the storms. We are amazed that we are the only anchored boat in the entire Port Jefferson west harbor! This is the middle of the summer cruising season and yet we're all alone. Looking at the extensive mooring field of at least 100 moorings, there are only three occupied!! I guess the cruising life style is under attack by the economic conditions?

All the moorings taking up space - but unused...
Tuesday is predicted to be a day of storms so we're prepared to sit tight here on our anchor for a day before heading off to Branford on Wednesday and Lenny's. Even then we supposed to get some storms along the way but we'll see if we can dodge them.