Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rhode River – At anchor

What are the two red floats for?
We had intended to go to Annapolis today but we got a late start due to high winds in the morning. Eventually the winds slackened and we headed out around 10:15 am. The winds were on the nose so it was a motoring day and as we motored further north, the winds died even more. Along the way we noticed a lot of fishermen out in their boats with two floats off the aft end. I have no idea what they are for – anybody have any ideas?

With the flat water, we made good time for a sailboat motoring, averaging 7.3 kts through the water but only 6.3 to 6.5 over land since there was a foul tide (of course!) The Rhode River anchorage is about 6 miles in from the bay and it’s very protected from all directions with the ultimate plus of have convenient Hoolie relief at a deserted island with a sandy beach. With that we anchor near the island and just have a short hop for our island visits.

Heaven for Hoolie
We’ll move on to Annapolis on Wednesday and probably stay for two days before continuing on to Baltimore where our daughter and her husband and two kids will meet us for the weekend. One problem with cruising like we do is the limited times we get to see the kids so we try to arrange get togethers along the way. It’s boat show weekend so it’s probably going to be crowded but we have a slip reserved.


Thehoc1 said...

Bob,From the picture he may be drifting and caught fish in between the two red floats and uses them as a marker. Marty H