Friday, May 13, 2011

Baltimore – At a dock

Strange looking art museum by the marina
Once again we spent an uneasy night on the mooring in Annapolis. It is really deceiving since the harbor appears well protected from all directions but the swells have a way of curving around and reaching the inner harbor. Even the boats at the docks further in were rocking.

At any rate, we dropped the mooring and headed to Baltimore around 8:30 or so. A front had come through and there was no sun and quite chilly. The high tomorrow is only supposed to be in the 60’s, where’s summer? At least there was no rain. Baltimore is way up the river from the Chesapeake, about 15 miles up which is why we’ve never been there before. There’s a boat show in town and along with the aquarium and Museum of Natural History, there’s lots to do with the kids even without all the shops and restaurants.

Great Cuban restaurant - go early, crowded later
If you’re ever in Baltimore, I would recommend trying Little Havana, a Cuban restaurant right on the waterfront next to the Baltimore HarborView marina. We had Cuban sandwiches, the first ones we’ve had since Key West. We’ll be here for the next three days visiting with Carrie and family before heading north again on Monday.