Thursday, May 12, 2011

Annapolis – On a mooring

Google Blogger had an outage, some problem where they have to shut all their blogs down for awhile and I couldn't update until now. Hopefully, everything is fixed now.

A tribute to Alex Haley in statues
The harbor appears to be very well protected from all directions so we were surprised last night when the boat started to surge around 9:00 pm. The bow rose and fell about a foot or so for six hours. Where were the waves coming from? Around 4:00 am the moving subsided and in the morning I looked at the Annapolis lighthouse wind log to see what happened. The wind had suddenly rose from 8 kts to 19 kts right at 9:00 pm out of the southeast. Now we are protected from that direction very well but apparently the waves created by the wind were able to work their way around the point and into the anchorage, hitting the boats broadside They were not large, perhaps 6 inches at most but they were in sync with the boat’s side to side rhythm. Despite it all, we slept very well, you just had to brace yourself somewhat but it was unexpected since we had thought the anchorage was protected.

Taking Hoolie ashore, we found the dinghy dock flooded once again. The flooding advisory issued by NOAA had been extended to today. However, it didn’t affect exploring the town but the crowds are starting to increase.

The guy on the left was givng a class on how to ride them
I finally broke down and upgraded my Verizon internet connection. They had a special on where I got the WiFi card that allows five wireless internet connections simultaneously through the card for $50/month. Since I hadn’t updated my phone for 10 years, I got all the hardware for free, including a new phone. In net it cost me $35/month more than what I was paying now since I was using the phone’s internet connection before at $15/month which I then cancelled. In addition, it’s 15 times faster than my previous connection. Now I can use Skype video for calls to the kids.

On Friday we leave for Baltimore and a dock for a weekend with Carrie and family.