Saturday, May 7, 2011

Onancock Wharf – At a dock

The Onancock Wharf clubhouse
 Well, it was a beautiful day but there was no wind. We motored out of the yacht club but I strayed from the path in the channel I took on the way in and I ran aground. After 8 months of cruising along the ICW, running aground is no longer a big deal. I backed out and altered course to the north and had no further problems. It’s somewhat surprising how you become accustomed to shallow water. Running aground is no big deal anymore. The bottom along the ICW is either sand or soft mud which causes no damage except to your ego.

Dinner with a flower!
With the lack of wind, we reverted to the iron genny and motored our way across the Chesapeake to Onancock and took a town dock. It is a long way in, over 6 miles through a narrow but deep channel. We found an outstanding restaurant, The Mallard. The chef was professionally trained and took great pride in his menu. He was personally present for the serving of every plate. We bought his cookbook which also included music from his band. I’m sure we’ll be trying out several of his creations during our trip north.

The town itself reminds one of the towns in Maine with the layout of the streets and the houses with the green grass lawns. There are many restaurants along with lots of interesting shops but the best restaurant is The Mallard where we ate.

On Sunday it’s off to Solomens on our way north.