Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baltimore – Carrie and family arrive

Bridge connecting the two haves of the aquarium
 All of a sudden, the weather had turned cool and damp with the threat of rain and thunderstorms so naturally that’s when company arrives. In the morning we went to the boat show and found the place deserted – we had expected it to be packed but the cool weather and threat of rain must have kept people away. As a result, most of the vendors had nothing to do and we were often entreated to stop for a chat. We never did buy anything but it was fun to look.

One of several huge tanks
Around 2;30 we had the invasion from Pennsylvania with Carrie and family arriving. It was off to the aquarium for the afternoon. A note about the Baltimore aquarium, I’ve been in a dozen or so aquariums and the one at Baltimore is hands down the best of the lot. If you ever get to Baltimore, don’t pass up a chance to see it. We looked on the internet for the best time to visit with the least crowds and up popped 4:00 pm on a Saturday so we went then. However, we found the place packed! It is so popular that when you buy a ticket, it has on it the time you can enter – and it’s enforced! We had the 4:00 pm ticket and we all lined up waiting for the go ahead for that time slot. I never encountered that type of time control before – but for this aquarium I think it’s necessary.

There was even a submarine to explore
Back to the boat we took advantage of the Little Havana restaurant again, all very good. We have a boat full and hopefully everyone can sleep well (thinking of the two grandkids) and have more adventures on Sunday.