Friday, May 20, 2011

Atlantic City – At anchor

Harrah's at Atlantic City
We were able to escape the Coast Guard training grounds without being boarded! Onward to Atlantic City which we reached by 2:00 pm with good winds but a foul tide. The anchorage we used was one recommended by Marty and it has the additional attraction of a beach for Hoolie. We can see Atlantic City’s lights on shore which makes for a pretty view by itself.

Hoolie, asking for more food!
 We didn’t’ plan on going ashore this time, been there already on the trip down – seven days if you recall, waiting for the hurricane to pass by off shore. So this time it’s just anchoring (at no cost!)

Looking at the weather charts, it looks like we’ll be back at PYC on Sunday evening. We now plan on making Atlantic Highlands on Saturday and then take advantage of the flood tide to ride it all the way to PYC on Sunday. We’ll spend the night on the boat for sure before going home on Monday afternoon. After the last five months spent on the boat, it’ll be strange being ashore.