Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Annapolis – At a town mooring

Racing for the finish line!
We heard on the news that there was a flood warning out for this area but we couldn’t understand that since there hasn’t been all that much rain but sure enough when we took Hoolie ashore we found his island awash, there was no beach. So we scouted the area and found an embankment nearby for Hoolie. The weather forecast mentioned strong easterly winds coinciding with high tides as the driving force for the high water.

Dinghy dock was under water!
We only had 12 miles to go today so we just lazed along under sail even though we only had about 8 kts of wind, one of the few times we’ve sailed. We found the mooring field at Annapolis deserted and so we took mooring #1, right next to Ego Alley, a front row seat. When we went ashore in our dinghy, we found the same situation here as at Rhode River, the dinghy dock area was flooded. Ann took her shoes off to wade through the water. There were several streets closed due to the high water.

Annaplois state house
 Wednesday is race day at Annapolis. They race out in the bay but the finish line is right by the mooring area. We got in our dinghy and had a front row seat. They are truly beautiful boats with their high masts and spinnakers flying. Several paraded up and down Ego Alley, probably just to show off. We’re on a mooring but there were still lots of slips available on Ego Alley too. I guess it’s still early in the season, they are far from full. We’ll spend another day here before moving on to Baltimore to meet up with Caroline and family.