Saturday, May 21, 2011

Atlantic Highlands – At anchor

Atlantic Highlands mooring area - not many boats launched yet
I got up around 4:30 am and we got off the anchor by 5:45 headed north. The grib forecast was for northerly winds around 10 kts, dying off in the afternoon and clocking around to out of the southeast by later – and that’s exactly what happened. The grib forecasts seem to be the most accurate of them all.

It was a long day! We dropped anchor at Atlantic Highlands at 5:45 pm, a 12 hour day from Atlantic City and that’s going north where there’s always a current against you, mostly about ½ knot but occasionally higher. We are wiped out and we will not try to make PYC by Sunday night, it’s just too far from here. So our next anchorage will be at Haverstraw Bay and we’ll come into PYC Monday afternoon. We already have a slew of appointments lined up, back to reality!