Monday, May 16, 2011

Chesapeake City, MD – At anchor

View off the back of the boat
 Chesapeake City on the Chesapeake – Delaware Canal had always been a favorite of the snowbirds but it had silted in the last few years. Well, the city fathers recognizing the economic importance of attracting boaters organized a dredging of the harbor with the result that now there’s 10 feet everywhere in the harbor and the problem entrance is gone (now 10 ft there too). Furthermore, they have now three free docks for use by visiting cruisers. Electricity ($15) and water ($10) are extra but the dock is free, that’s hard to beat. Stays are limited to one night at the dock but there is no limit on anchoring time. Since we expect to stay here for several days due to high winds against the current of Delaware Bay, we opted to anchor. There’s a small craft advisory out for Delaware Bay through Wednesday at least.

Room for three boats at the free docks
 Today there was no wind so it was motoring all the way. The canal was closed for part of the morning due to fog but by the time we arrived it was open for business. We were against the tide all the way but still made the 46 miles to Chesapeake City by 2:45.

The restaurant right on the anchorage was having a half-price special on hamburgers and beer for Monday night so we took advantage of that. The hamburgers consisted of ½ pound of Angus beef with four choices of types. At ½ price the two hamburgers and pitcher of beer came to $19 with tip and tax, not bad especially considering the burgers were excellent.

The TiKi bar was right on the water at the harbor
Back on the boat we’ll be watching the wind forecasts especially closely. We do not want to go down Delaware Bay with the tide behind us and the wind on the nose. That’s wind against tide and on the Delaware Bay, that’s just dangerous given the 3 to 4 kt current and predicted 25 kt gusts. Thursday is a maybe but Friday looks like a more likely day. Until then we’ll be at anchor in Chesapeake City.