Friday, April 1, 2011

Sisters Creek – At anchor

View of anchorage from the park
The anchorage here has a public dock for launching boats and it serves as an excellent place to take Hoolie, a requirement for us. There’s a park as part of the docks which Ann used for taking a walk with Hoolie, perfect.
The trip up was the last one without major challenges for shallow water. We’ll schedule the next sections for when there’s a high tide so on Saturday, it’s an early departure to catch the high tide for the trip to Fernandina.

This afternoon we saw a couple in a small sailboat drift off into shoal water when they couldn’t get their outboard started. The sailboat listed to one side as they tried to get it to deeper water. Ann and I piled into our dinghy and motored over to offer a tow. We weren’t sure if a 5 hp outboard would be able to do much good but we were able to get them to the dock across the ICW. The guy explained that he flooded his motor in the urgency of trying to quickly start his motor when he saw he was in shallow water.

The sun sets over the park
After our good deed of the day, we explored the park and returned to our boat for the evening wine and meal. It’s a great place here, peaceful and quiet. Saturday will be an early start.