Monday, April 18, 2011

Barefoot Landing Marina – At a dock

What kid wouldn't enjoy this?!
Leaving Georgetown, we headed north and had the current with us for a change and we kept it all the way to Barefoot Landing. There was always plenty of water but we did run into a street stump along the way. It was floating right in the middle of the ICW, probably from debris from the recent heavy rains. We alerted the boats behind us so there was no damage there. We seemed to be okay, no vibrations so we soldiered on. We did see one alligator swiming along the ICW with kids in the water nearby with adults looking on shore. I don't think I would let any of my kids swim in the ICW down here.

Shops galore
Barefoot Landing Marina is just one long dock, over 1000 feet long. The attraction of the place is the super, outdoor shopping center located right off the docks. There are dozens of restaurants and even more shops to browse. It’s close to Myrtle Beach and attracts that crowd too. We decided to stay another day to explore the shops. Somehow we missed this stop on the way down in the fall. It reminds you of a grownup playground with enough things to also keep the interest of the kids (see photo). There are theaters here too featuring the band Alabama and an IMAX.

Eventually we’ll start north again but fun comes first!


Thehoc1 said...

Bob and Ann,
Take your time heading North. The weather here has been awlful,cold and rain glore. Safe trip.
Marty Hoc