Monday, April 25, 2011

At the Zeisings – At anchor

That's us, the white dot in the middle
For the first time since Vero Beach, Ann was able to sleep through the night without an allergy attack. Pine trees have replaced live oaks as the predominate tree in this area and pine pollen doesn’t have the same allergy effect as live oak pollen. We didn’t have far to go so we took our time and enjoyed breakfast on the water. Meanwhile, Hoolie was waiting at the top of the companionway stairs for his morning trip out with a long suffering look.

"Will you guys hurry up!" (I've got to go...)
Arriving at the Zeisings, we carefully inched our way into shallow water to about 6 feet this time. That still gave us over a foot of safety margin with our just under 5 foot draft. According to the charts, we should be in 4 ft water but it’s deeper than the soundings on the chart. We sat out on the Zeisings’ porch and watched the ICW traffic and played bridge followed by an excellent dinner prepared by Pat. Just a great day!

(This location is the only place I can't get an internet connection on the boat - so I have to do the blog in the morning with the Zeisings' computer)