Thursday, April 28, 2011

At the Zeisings – More genset tests

Front porch friend
This was going to be the day I fixed the genset – ha! It seemed simple enough, just decrease the rpm a little and that would also decrease the voltage and allow the inverter/charger to come on-line to service the rest of the 120 circuit. Well, adjusting the governor is no simple matter on the Panda diesel. The injectors have to be removed to get at the governor and then the weights have to be carefully balanced with a special tool made for the job. With that build up, I thought I’d wait for service at a Panda dealer further down the line.

Ann’s allergies seem to be getting worse. On our way north, we now plan on stopping in Hampton, VA and seeing if we can meet with an allergist to help Ann on the trip home. She’s never had allergies like this before and it’s very discouraging to her. It’s been a wonderful trip except for the allergies.