Wednesday, April 27, 2011

At the Zeisings – We visit New Bern

The saga of the genset continues. After more calls to Panda technical support, it now appears that the genset is rev’ing too high at start up. The focus has now switched to the rpm speed governor. There’s an adjustment screw on the front of the engine, according to technical support, that may have come loose and allowed the governor to change its factory setting. So that’s the first thing to check Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, we spent the afternoon in New Bern. It’s a fun place to visit and it has an excellent restaurant which was also the birthplace of Pepsi, the place where the original drink was first formulated. They also have adopted bears as the symbol of the town and you can see them on every street corner. People can submit a design for approval that can then be mounted on the sidewalk. Many of the towns in this area have adopted a mascot. Washington, NC has a crab, decorated in every conceivable color format.

After New Bern it was off to Harris Tetter for groceries and then back to the boat. We finally got some rain, our first for several weeks so we can’t complain. We have one more day here before we head north again on Thursday morning.