Saturday, April 23, 2011

Broad Creek in NC – At anchor

Yikes! Solid fishing boats ahead!
Today the wind was out of the south so it was at our backs all the way. We had intended to only go to Cedar Creek but the weather was so nice and the wind was so great at our backs, that we just slid along further and wound up at Broad Creek, about 15 miles further. We even put up the jib today for part of the trip!

A working ICW along here
This section of the ICW is definitely loaded with barge traffic and we passed several today. As a consequence, it’s very well maintained with depths of at least 15 ft MLW all long its length. Being a Saturday, it was very crowded with fishing boats and they like to position themselves right in the middle of the ICW with the belief, I suppose, that the fish will take the deeper, dredged route inland. That makes for some interesting give and take between ICW cruisers and the fishermen. We sort of stare (glare?) at each other since I passed pretty close to many of them to avoid going out of the channel.

We’re in Broad Creek in North Carolina tonight and it’s a pretty anchorage. We now appear to be surrounded by pine trees with no live oaks in sight! We are hoping that we’re out of the live oaks and Ann’s allergies will subside. She’s trying an experiment tonight where she’s not going to take any medicine at all and see if her allergy was in fact due to just the live oaks - wish us luck.

Hoolie's typical position while traveling
Sunday we travel to Bill and Pat Zeising’s house on the ICW. We scouted out an anchorage there that’s further off the ICW than any in the guide books and we’ll spend a few days resting from our strenuous vacation…..