Thursday, April 7, 2011

Isle of Hope – Fran and Claus Uhl visit along with Jack Cothren

Fran and Claus Uhl Visit Fleetwing
Fran and Claus came by the Isle of Hope Marina to pay us a visit and we all we out to lunch. Tubby’s Tank House is a local restaurant with a lot of character. They buy their fish directly from the local fishermen that go out everyday. They post a running list of catches by boat near the entrance to the restaurant. They advertise that they never keep fish more than one day before serving. Ann and I had the tuna sliders which are small tuna sandwiches cooked to order, nice. Everybody enjoyed their meal and I would recommend the place.

Returning to the boat, Jack Cothren dropped by for a visit while Fran and Claus were still with us. With that we convened a meeting of PYC south and covered many topics of how to solve all of PYC ills – but somehow I don’t remember what we said…

The famous Tubby's Tank Restaurant
Meanwhile I have to work on the genset Friday which decided to no longer produce 120v after starting. It runs fine, there’s just no 120v output. Calling Panda, they recommended I check the electrolytic capacitors. They are very large units, about 8 inches long. One defective capacitor out of the four installed could cause the problem. Luckily, I have spares on board and I’ll do the tests Friday. After that it’s on to the fun job of an oil change, oh boy.