Sunday, April 10, 2011

Isle of Hope – Oglethorpe Mall and BBQ

The train went all over the mall - the kids had a ball!
We asked where the best BBQ was in Savannah and one of the dock hands recommended the BBQ stand just outside the Hope Depot on Victory Drive. We needed a new cutting board anyway so we headed out in that direction. We found the board but had trouble finding the BBQ stand. It’s truly a hole in the wall, about 5 ft square. We ordered two BBQ sandwiches for a total of $7 and had plenty and, most importantly, the BBQ was very good!

We looked for a good bookstore and found a Barns and Noble at the Oglethorpe Mall. It’s a huge complex with more than the average number of stores. They had the usual food court but also had a merry go round and a train ride that ran around the interior of the mall. The kids seemed to love it.

Returning to the boat we discovered a wind change and a cooler temperature. Both contributed to blowing away the gnats! We sat out in the cockpit for the first time in a week, may it continue. On Monday the Hinckley mechanic is due over to look at our reoccurring oil leak and I’m due to get the correct capacitors in the mail in the morning. We’ll see if everything happens as scheduled.