Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Isle of Hope Marina – Reprovisioning and boat cleaning day

We're told that the hanging moss does not harm the tree
The marina has two courtesy cars, both Hondas. We chose the Honda Odyssey, a minivan perfect for getting groceries. We found a nearby Publix and spent most of our allotted 2 hours for the courtesy car there. We can last a long time now between grocery stores.

Returning to the boat it was time for cleaning. I have to preface my cleaning by saying Fleetwing is now “sailboat clean”. It cannot compete with “powerboat clean”. It’s like comparing a duffer to a professional golfer. But then there’s one level beyond powerboat clean, it’s known at PYC as “Sharman clean”! It’s like comparing a professional golfer that shoots par or a little below to one that routinely sets a course record! Both are far beyond my abilities – but Fleetwing does look a little better, spiffy in fact for a sailboat!

Ann can walk among the like oaks for awhile
Since we’re at a dock, we’ve been running the air purifier at night and that definitely helps with Ann’s allergy for live oaks. This marina is surrounded by live oaks. They are beautiful to look at but deadly for allergies. Fran and Claus Uhl are due to visit us Thursday around noon, PYC south convenes again!


Anonymous said...

Isle of Hope was really run down when we traveled the ICW! Don

sharman said...

Bob...........Glad Fleetwing is "sailboat clean". The weather up here is so cold Sharman has not started cleaning Milk Made... in fact I don't think one boat has been "uncovered", I obviously get a break this year.