Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Boat Shed Marina in Georgetown – At a dock

Duck on dock - one of several in the area
The water north of Charleston is rather thin so we only intended to travel when the tide was high. However, when we reached our anchorage at Awendaw Creek, it was only 11:30 so we decided to press on. To provide more excitement, the shallowest part of the trip would now be during a drain tide (when the low tide is below the average low for the year), 1.0 ft below datum. As it turned out, we had plenty of depth, even with the drain tide and even with all the warnings on the internet about shallow water for the area.

Once again we had a foul tide all the way north, about 2.0 to 2.5 kts of current against us all the way! It makes for a long day when you’re doing 5 kts instead of your usual 7.3 kts! But, what to do? You just have to press on.

Nice dog walk area
Reaching Georgetown, we pulled into The Boat Shed Marina. It’s focused on small fishing boats but they have a large gas dock that will accommodate sailboats. There are two of us here tonight. We didn’t have a chance to explore Georgetown, maybe next year. It did look interesting but on a Sunday night, nothing is open. We’ll move again on Monday, onward north!


Anonymous said...

I know this is too late but........there is a shrimp coop next door to Boat Shed and the freshness is unbelievable along with the price. GeorgeTown is one of our favorite places. A city tour and the Rice Museum is it in the Fall when you don't have to deal with Live Oak pollen........Liz