Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vero Beach – Last day

There were a whole fleet of them
I filled the water tanks (150 gal) and had a pump out done and hosed down the boat, we’re all ready to do Sunday morning. Ann continues to be okay but then we have the air purifier running in the early morning hours, something we may not be able to do at anchor. However, we should hopefully have clearer air with the wind coming directly off the ocean – no live oaks out there!

We were inundated with small sailboats from the local sailing school. The kids looked to be in grade school and the boats were just big enough for one kid. They all didn’t get the hang of catching the wind. Several seemed to think they could sail directly into the wind but to no avail. They did learn that by swinging the rudder back and forth they could propel the sailboat forward somewhat which they did with vigor,.

It's somebody's home -a little wet in the basement now

The sinking houseboat continues to live up to its name. The owner walks around with his arms folded and discusses the situation with anyone nearby but nothing is done, so far. It’s still above water but everyday brings higher water on the sides of the houseboat. We’re leaving Sunday for points north so we won’t know the ultimate outcome but it appears that it’s going to totally sink. At least it’s providing entertainment for the people on the docks. By the way, there's another motor on the starboard side that's underwater!