Friday, March 25, 2011

Vero Beach – A day of recovery

The beach is only a mile away
There’s nothing like doing laundry to get you back down to earth. Ann is now doing fine with no further attacks but then she still has the steroid shot in her which is supposed to last 10 days. At any rate we got everything washed which was mainly to get rid of any residual pollen dust. The air purifier is going full tilt in the forward cabin so we ought to be fine from here on out.

There’s nothing like an incident of that nature to focus your attention on enjoying the present, you truly never know what the future may bring. You should certainly take care of yourself (which we call body maintenance – running and body strength) but there are no guarantees. The incident gives us more reinforcement for cruising in the USA. I wouldn’t want to think about the outcome if the attack occurred in the Bahamas or the Caribbean. With that we decided to go to the beach using the local, free bus service.With temperatures in the 80's, there were lots of people out sunning themselves.

The houseboat at the end of the dock next to land continues to slowly sink. I talked to the owner this morning and he’s “in the process” of getting a bilge pump but it’s not here yet. He has two outboards on his boat and one is completely underwater, he seemed unconcerned.
Sort of a nice sunset

We’ll be moving north again on Sunday so Saturday will be spent getting ready, to-do’s seem to accumulate around here.