Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hypoluxo – We reprovision for our trip north

The marina has a Tiki bar but with no bar - Joe and Ann relax in the shade
 Joe Mastri met us at 10:00 am so we could pay a visit to a Super Target for reprovisioning. I did not know that Target carried groceries but in Florida they have Super Targets that do. I suppose it’s in response to the competition from Wal-Mart. However, I don’t think they outdid Wal-Mart in price or selection.

The afternoon was spent in getting new boat shoes for Ann – things wear out even on a boat! Ann served rotisserie chicken at Joe’s apartment for a fine ending to the day. It sure helps that the days are getting longer. On Wednesday we’ll move north again to an anchorage just south of Stuart in preparation for another visit to the Hinckley marina there. Our oil leakage under the engine has returned. It appears to be the same as the leak repaired in Savannah last year by another Hinckley shop. If it’s the same, then the repair will be covered under Hinckley’s warranty program. I have a high level of interest in how they handle this issue. I'll post the outcome on the blog.