Friday, March 11, 2011

Ft Lauderdale – Spring break crowds!

Spring break at Ft. Lauderdale - those were the days....
The morning was spent in getting a diver aboard to scrub the bottom. We’re in a mooring field with no official access to a dock so the diver had to climb over a concrete bulkhead with his equipment to land in my dinghy for the ride out to Fleetwing. As I mentioned before, I had lost about 0.5 kts of boat speed (power boaters can stop laughing…) which is a big deal when you’re only doing 7.3 kts. The diver worked on the bottom for about an hour using a scraper and a stiff brush, mostly the brush. The trouble is I won’t know if he did any good until I start back north and rev the engine to 2300 rpm and note the speed.

Our diver for bottom cleaning - even 70 water temp is cold if you stay in an hour
 Spring break is in full swing so we thought we’d take a walk down by the beach to see the kids. It was a rather cool day with the high only in the upper 60’s but they were out in full force as you would expect.

Even  the horses are getting dressed up

It just so happened that on Saturday the town of Ft. Lauderdale has an Irish Day celebration with bands, marching, booths selling things Irish and, of course, lots of food and beer. So we though we’d wander on down to see what was going on, probably with a million other people but it should be interesting. The town was getting dressed up including the horses which had a shamrock painted on their rear ends.

It’s to reach 50 tonight but then warm up into the 70’s and be in the 70’s for the next week. After Key West, 50 is really cold!


sharman said...

Bob.....glad to see you admiring that fine Hatteras! I have enjoyed every blog of your trip.