Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Boot Key Harbor at Marathon – On a mooring

A few clouds came with the high winds
We left at high tide just to be on the safe side. There’s a 5 ft sand bar running across part of the access to the anchorage and even though we would clear it at low tide, it’s easier on the nerves if you have a little extra room.

We actually sailed part of the way, a rarity for our trip south. But then the winds clocked around to on the nose and we had to motor to Boot Key. We called ahead and found that every mooring was already taken, all 238 moorings! We were advised to anchor and come to the office to be put on a waiting list. Luckily, there was still room to anchor but it was a long trip to shore for Hoolie relief. Furthermore, if you were anchored and wanted to use their dinghy dock there was a charge of $13/day! In all fairness, the $13 included the use of the showers, laundry and a free pump out. So we anchored but before I started out for the office to register for the waiting list, I called one last time and found that a mooring had just opened up. I guess March is a popular time for visiting Marathon by boat! The winds are due to howl for the next three days after which we’ll reassess our plans for heading north. It’s no fun banging into 3 to 4 ft chop with a 20 kt headwind. We’ll wait for better weather.