Thursday, March 3, 2011

Marathon – Wind, wind and more wind

Actually, it looks rather calm in the picture, NOT!
The morning was relatively calm so we both went in to exercise Hoolie and get some exercise ourselves. It wasn’t long after we returned to the boat that the wind started to pick up. It dialed the wind gauge through the teens, then the 20’s and peaked out at 31 kts but held in the 20’s the entire afternoon.

Getting Hoolie ashore in the afternoon was an adventure. The direction of the wind was parallel to the long axis of the harbor (of course!) but the enormous number of moored boats did tend to break up the wave action somewhat. Still, it’s amazing the difference between 30 kts on the water and on land. Next to the clubhouse, it was like, “What’s the fuss about?” At any rate we just took it easy and did some mundane chores on the boat like doing taxes – yes, even on a cruise you have to satisfy Uncle Sam. Luckily, you can download all the tax forms off the website of the respective investment companies.

Always time to look at the sunset during happy hour(s)
We expect to get these winds for the next two days before they abate somewhat so we’ll be here for awhile before continuing north. On a cruise, the weather is king.


Anonymous said...

Glad you got safely to Marathon and lucked out on a mooring.

Don and Liz