Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cocoa – At anchor by the bridge

Three hour tie ups were allowed at the park
 We left at 8:00 am for our 45 mile day and got in around 2:30 at Cocoa. We anchored south of the bridge with the attraction being the public boat ramps and a park for Hoolie. As mentioned in the past, we have to be careful in always having a place for Hoolie relief which restricts our selection of anchorages somewhat. Still, there seems to be lots of anchorages that meet our criteria. On our way north, we’ll do 50 mile days which takes us around 7 hours. Of course, the weather may have something to say about that schedule but otherwise it appears doable.

The bridge and western land provides protection out of the north, west and southwest but we did find the anchorage somewhat crowded so we’re out about ½ mile from shore. With the boat traffic and winds calming down at night, it makes a pleasant enough anchorage.

Easy access to the boat ramps too
Florida keeps its ICW in pretty good shape with their own dredging operations in addition to Corps of Engineers but Georgia and South Carolina are another story. We’re resigned to timing our passage through those states at high tide. Keeping the ICW navigable is not a high priority with them. Onward tomorrow!