Saturday, March 19, 2011

Manatee Pocket – Oil leak repaired!

Jim, our mechanic at Hinckley - tight fit!
The aft engine oil seal was due in the morning and it arrived on time. Jim, our mechanic, brought it to the boat and over the next four hours, carefully installed the new seal. It’s still daunting to see your engine all apart (at least the aft part) but Jim reassembled it all by early afternoon. When it came time to test the engine by putting it in gear at the dock, we were sitting in mud and the propeller stirred up a lot mud out aft of the boat. I was afraid of revving the engine too much for fear of getting mud into the heat exchanger but the engine passed the test.

Timeless varnished wood

It was another glorious day so we admired more Hinckley boats in the area, mostly the one sailboat that obviously is a day sailer. There are no lifelines (they spoil the lines), no anchor (who anchors a boat like that?), and no visible lights (only a day sailer). Everything but the deck and hull is varnished wood – beautiful and I’m sure the owner does not do the teak himself! For someone like us, it’s pretty just to look at, never mind sailing it.

That's Fleetwing in the upper, left corner

On Sunday we’re off to Vero Beach at high tide, around 10:30 am.