Monday, March 7, 2011

Rodriguez Key – At anchor

by Rodrigeuz Key
Rodriguez Key is about 50 miles east of Marathon so it’s a long day for us in a sailboat. We’re anchored about a mile from shore since the water is so shallow near shore but it’s calm at the moment. However, it’s supposed to pipe up during the night out of the direction where we have no protection, the east, hopefully not too much.

There’s a boat ramp for Hoolie relief on shore so the anchorage meets all the basic requirements for us although it’s along run. It was dead calm tonight but it’ll be rocking with tomorrow’s predicted wind of 15 kts.

Naturally we sat on the back of our boat and watched the sunset, we never tire of the view and can’t think of anything we’d rather be doing. It’s an early departure on Tuesday for our 50 mile run up to Marine Stadium in Miami for another anchorage but that one is much better protected and has a nearby sandy beach for Hoolie relief. The stars are beautiful tonight with the absence of lights and no moon, just stunning!