Saturday, March 5, 2011

Marathon – Getting ready to move north

The Lazy Days restaurant is open to the west for a sunset view
We follow three weather forecasting services: Coastal Marine Forecasts by NOAA, wind forecasts by Ugrib and wave forecasts by Stormsurf. All are specific to a particular area of interest, i.e. where you’re headed. Looking at the reports for the next three days, it appears (unless the predictions change) that we’ll head out Sunday morning and try to make Ft. Lauderdale by Tuesday night. You can follow our progress on the bar to the left of the blog which updates every 10 minutes in real-time via a satellite connection.

Picnic area of the Boot Key City Marina where had a mooring

Given that, we celebrated by having a late lunch at Lazy Days which we think it the best restaurant in Marathon. The fish sandwich is $11 and is excellent. They don’t really have a dinghy dock but you can tie up to a pier next to the restaurant but bring a fender to avoid damage to your soft dinghy from the barnacles encrusted on the pilings.