Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wentworth at Portsmouth

Ann had a very vivid dream last night of us being up high and dry on the rocks at Richmond Island! It must have been the sound of the surf hitting the breakwater that triggered the dream. Normally we don't anchor in places where you can hear the surf, it's somewhat unsettling. However, we were fine, the anchor held as usual and the night was calm.

The morning was sunny again (ever since the Bunches left...) and we weighed anchor around 8:15 or so and headed south with a north wind behind us. The weather could not have been scripted better but we did have to motor today, the north wind was not strong enough to push us at 7 kts. We are eyeing Hanna every day now and with the current forecast, she's due to go right over us with high winds predicted on Saturday. With that forecast, we reserved a slip at Sandwich for Friday through Sunday night. We figured by Monday that Hanna will be far to the north and we'll be free to continue our course west, stopping at Cuttyhunk on the way to Block Island, at least that's the plan. Our Fleetwing is quite small compared to the behemoths docked near us (see photo). We did find a run-a-bout that would be perfect for the Zeisings to zip around it with three 300 hp outboards mounted!

Today was my 65th birthday so Ann took me out to a restaurant at the Wentworth which was very nice. We had drinks, wine, calamari and fish entrees for dinner along with a chocolate dessert. A great way to celebrate going on Medicare for paying all medical bills!