Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sandwich - Hanna Coming

I added more lines to the boat. I always ask the question, "Will my extra lines do more good in the locker or on the dock?" And the answer is always the same so I usually wind up with more line than I actually need. Hanna's winds are due to start around 10:00 pm and peak at 1:00 am at 30 kts sustained with higher gusts. It's 8:00 pm now and we only have 12 kts or so of wind but it's starting to increase as I write this.
Meanwhile, we found a wonderful fishmarket, Joe's Lobster Mart. They had the best selection of seafood I've seen anywhere and with the best prices too! Ann bought fresh swordfish with stuffed clams as an appetizer and I had a bottle of wine to go with everything, great! We've had a number of concerned callers but we're tucked in securely in a marina that was designed to be a Harbor of Refuge by the Coast Guard so we feel fine. I'll be up for awhile and may give an update later tonight. I set the wind anemometer to record the maximum wind velocity just for the record. We'll stick around tomorrow to let the seas abate and to enjoy the town of Sandwich which we couldn't do today due to the rain.