Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Manhasset Bay - Sunrise and Sunset

The sun rises much later now than when we started out in June, late enough for us to catch a sunrise this morning at Port Jefferson. After two days of 15 to 20 kts winds (with gusts to 25 kts), it finally abated this morning. After a full 180 on the anchor, there was plenty of mud on the chain that had to be cleaned off with the washdown pump and then we were on our way. We had intended to stay overnight at Northport but listening to the weather forecast of high winds out of the north on Friday combined with a foul tide going up river, we decided to skip Northport and head directly for Manhasset Bay. Now we're situated for our run up to Haverstraw at the Hook Mt anchorage on Thursday, a day of calm winds according to the Morning Lies.

At Manhasset we once again picked up a free mooring from the town of North Hempstead. They have five free moorings located by can number 3A. Only one other mooring was in use. With the wind and the tide just right, we had a front row seat for the sunset. We must have taken two dozen photos, the best one is posted in the blog. It was quite a show for almost an hour.

We'll leave Haverstraw Thursday morning and will be at PYC that afternoon. I have to take the boat back to Haverstraw on Monday so they can redo the mast installation they completed last year. It turns out that they put the top cap on the mast incorrectly, it needs to be moved aft which requires the mast to be taken off. I'm due to get the boat back the following Wednesday and then it's up the river again.