Monday, September 15, 2008

Port Jefferson - Layover Day

We had gusts to 25 kts several times last night and during the morning hours with whitecaps in the anchorage. However, it was nothing like what happened in Ohio where my brother lives. Cincinnati recorded a gust to 82 mph when the remnants of Ike passed over. They had the highest winds ever recorded there. Luckily, Ike passed on into Canada so we just got the very edge but that was enough. Gradually the winds died during the afternoon and we went for a dink ride. The beach scene is on the Sound side looking towards the entrance to Port Jefferson. The beach is composed of small pebbles, on the way I guess of turning into sand but they have a long way to go. We dinked on to one of the narrow inlets from the anchorage, a real backwater but the houses were fabulous. Probably just a summer cottage so I took a photo. Someone from the next house over came out on the dock to look at us, wonder what they wanted, we dinked on. Tomorrow it's off to Northport.