Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hook Mt Anchorage at Haverstraw Bay

The current wouldn't reverse in our favor until 11:30 am at Hell Gate so we didn't leave Manhasset until 10:00 and as it turned out, we should have left at 9:30 instead since the current turned earlier than predicted. A flood tide comes in from the east at the Race and from the west through Hell Gate. The two flood meet somewhere around Throgs Neck bridge. So as left Manhasset, the current was with us until the Throgs Neck bridge and then was against us until it turned later on approaching Hell Gate. We raced along the East River (I snapped some photos!) and as we rounded the tip of Manhattan the current was in our favor still going up the Hudson until we reached the George Washington bridge.

Anyone who has ever negotiated the East River will recognize the orange ferries that you have to avoid when rounding the tip of Manhattan. They blow their horn and then start leaving their berth right away, waiting for no one. Luckily, they remained in their nests while we rounded by. Going up the Hudson we were down to 6.0 kts at one point when I saw a swirl of current on the east side of the Hudson. When I passed through the disturbed water, I my speed increased to 7.1 kts. The west side of the river had started to turn but the east side had not. This split personality continued all the way up to the GW bridge, interesting.

It was very warm with the thermometer at 84F at one point. We sat in the cockpit watching the sun go down and the lights of the Tappan Zee bridge come on. It's a calm, still night. It's hard to believe it's already September 17. I tried several shots of the Tappan Zee bridge and finally got one without too much jitter, hard to do from a bobbing boat.

Tomorrow we leave for PYC and should arrive in the early afternoon if all goes well.