Sunday, September 14, 2008

Port Jefferson

Matthew and family left this morning after spending the night on the boat. A few got wet when it started raining with the ports open, before somebody woke up enough to close them. There were hugs all around as the kids departed once again. We stopped on the way back to the boat to look at the submarine in the marina which we're told is used for research in Long Island Sound. Perhaps someone with better internet access via Google can find out more.

It was a hot day and not much wind. We sailed some on the way to Port Jeff but we motored most of the way. We noticed a super yacht anchored in the west cove off the entrance to Port Jeff and wondered if the marina fees were getting to be too much even for them! I grilled a pork roast as the sun set, Ann too pictures. We'll stay put tomorrow as the remnants of Ike pass by.