Thursday, September 4, 2008


We left Gloucester with some apprehension from our experience yesterday with the swells from hurricane Hanna. Perhaps, we thought, they would be worse today given an another day for them to build. However, the further south we went, the less the swells. I guess Cape Cod is finally taking effect, giving some shelter from the south. Once again we had to motor since the wind wasn't enough to push us along at 7 kts (we wanted to make Scituate early in case of storms).

The harbor was a busy place. Evidently boaters are choosing where they want to weather the coming remnants of hurricane Hanna due by Saturday night. We have three nights reserved in Sandwich starting Friday so we're all set even though what's left of Hanna is supposed to pass directly overhead. Ann shot a photo of the lighthouse and several gulls nearby. The picture of the beach shows some of the summer houses. They are packed between July 4th and Labor Day. The breakwater was a favorite of Matthew's since he loved to climb the boulders. Off the Sandwich tomorrow.