Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Block Island

Full sun again and lots of wind. So much wind that we had to reef both the main and jib as we headed towards Block Island. The wind was out of the north and we still had some swells out of the south which made for a rocky ride but it wasn't too bad. Eventually the winds subsided gradually and we were forced to turn on the iron genny for the last 10 miles or so after sailing for 25.

For once there's lots of room at Block Island to both anchor or pick up a mooring. Although we anchored we were told that the moorings are only $20 in the off season. However, we're out all by ourselves in the anchorage, just the way we like it. We dinked in to the Oar House for a "dinner" of appetizers: Buffalo Wings, onion rings and calamari after a rum punch. With the setting sun providing the entertainment, we decided to stay another day and explore the shops (minus the crowds). We'll still make Branford on Saturday by skipping Essex.