Monday, September 8, 2008

Cuttyhunk Island

The current changed against us at 10:00 am so we had to leave Sandwich by 8:00 heading west. Leaving our slip involved backing out into a constricted area while turning the boat. Our procedure in these types of situations is for Ann to be at the wheel while I manage the lines and stay on the dock until the last minute to ensure the boat leaves the slip without touching when there's a foul wind like this morning pushing us into the dock. Ann, as always, made the turn fine shifting from reverse to forward and we headed out of the marina on time.

The day was bright with a full sun and blue sky with temperatures in the 70's, a great day.
We had to motor through the canal, sailing is not allowed, but once clear of the western end we hoisted sail and sailed the rest of the way to Cuttyhunk. We had steady winds of 10 to 15 kts with flat seas, just perfect sailing. We found Cuttyhunk almost deserted, only about 10 boats at most in the anchorage. In talking to the harbor master, he said they put winter sticks on the moorings on October 15th. Now we're settled in for the night and looking forward to our next anchorage at Block Island.