Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ttiusville - Wrong part delivered from Volvo

There's a park that mostly protecting the marina on the way in
I have not had good experiences with the Volvo parts warehouse in Byhalia, Mississippi. While I was in Key West in March of this year, my repairman ordered a new injector pump and received instead a gear of about the same weight. He then reordered it and got another gear! On the third try he asked the warehouse shipping department to look at the part before shipment and they discovered yet another gear in the place of the $3500 injector pump. I think somebody found a quick way to get rich in the shipping department.

The marina has a dinghy dock for those on moorings and at anchor
Yesterday I received my order of a new aft oil seal for my Volvo diesel and once again I got the wrong part. The part number printed on the plastic bag with the part inside did not match the part number on the invoice. Now, I need this part rather quickly, before we leave for home up north. The dealer ordered the part a second time but this time I called the warehouse directly and asked them to look at the part to verify it's the right one before shipping. My friend up north couldn't believe I had actually gotten hold of someone in shipping at this giant facility that's the size of 21 football fields! I even got an email address for shipping to be used to pass the order number so they could do the checking. We will have to wait and see if any of this made any difference. The part is supposed to ship overnight so I should have it Wednesday morning. The oil seal repair is scheduled for Thursday so I really do need the part right away.
A view to the north, a boat launch is to the extreme left

The advertisement for the warehouse states it's a "state of the art" but it's less than that as far as performance for me. Meanwhile, I'll have the cutlass bearing replaced Wednesday at 11:00 am if all goes well. The cutlass bearing will be a separate repair since it can be done with the boat in the water.

With all of that excitement out of the way, today was much calmer and we once again concentrated on boat projects. On Wednesday we will have to unhook from land and mosey over to the haulout well at Westland marina. After the repair we'll take Fleetwing out for a spin and hopefully the vibration problem will have been fixed, stay tuned.


Unknown said...

You mean the oil seal will be a separate repair.

mcnaughton24 said...

Didn't this issue with part numbers come up during a previous journey?

Bob423 said...

Richard, repairing the oil seal requires taking everything off the back of the engine, including the transmission which was found to be the source of the vibration. So it's easier (i.e., quicker and therefore less expensive) to do everything at once.

Carrie, yes. That problem came up with the injector pump. We went through three shipments of the wrong part number until we gave up and ordered one directly from Europe. The right oil seal part came yesterday on only the second try, are they improving? Somehow I've never had this problem with Amazon and I buy a lot more stuff from them.