Saturday, November 12, 2016

Titusville - A day at the beach

It really is a beautiful beach at Merritt Island
We have a lot to do in closing up the boat for our trip north for the holidays but today and Sunday will be holidays for us. So we visited the beach today and just drove around town and to the beach. Going to Merritt Island requires either a Golden Passport or a one day ticket. Since we have a Golden Passport, we breezed through the entry gate.

Lots of wildlife since the island is on the migration flight path
The beach is a classic sand beach with mile upon mile of soft sand. It is so large that there is very little crowding. We walked the beach and just enjoyed the sun and sand. Then we headed to Coco Beach and just saw the sights. Nothing was accomplished on the boat.

You are never too far from alligators on Merritt Island, this one along side of the road to Merritt Island
Sunday is donut day and more relaxing but Monday is work to include teak, anti mold, window washing and a good hosing down for the deck. Now we're just waiting for the new transmission to arrive from Denmark. It could get here by Monday but it will probably be delayed at least a day. We would really like to get everything done before we leave for New York. When we return in January, Finn will be with us and we want to visit the Space Center, Merritt Island and the Brevard Zoo. which is a real gem in the area, much better than we expected when we visited for the first time with Sarah. The zoo focuses on kid/animal interactions with great success. They even have a train ride around the premises and since Finn is such a train enthusiastist, I'm sure that will be a big hit. .

Cactus has flowers with seeds too
Meanwhile, we waiting for the transmission to arrive so we will be ready to leave for Key West in January.