Monday, November 7, 2016

Titusville - More wind, schedule a haulout

Ann' completed a pastel today. The leaves were from trees in our backyard, you don't get these colors down here
There is never a day that when you get up in the morning you say, "Gee, there is nothing to do today on the boat."  It doesn't happen. There is always a list. I think I could spend a full month here and work everyday and still not get all the way through my "to do" list. We are now scheduled for a haulout Wednesday at 11:00 am to replace the cutlass bearing. I got the replacement in the mail today, it's a rubber tube about six inches long that fits into the aft section of the prop housing. We are hoping that the boat can be hauled and worked on while still in the slings and then returned to water. The work on the aft oil seal can be done while the boat is in the water, later.

A popular fishing spot, and also an alligator hangout
The wind is still blowing like stink down here. Unfortunately, it's right out of the northeast which is right into the marina. It's not bad but there is a bit of rocking. The wind is due to die off over the next few days and switch to the south and west, a protected direction for the marina.

We haven't seen the alligator for a few days now but we still haven't heard from our diver, he doesn't like alligators around for some reason... At this point we don't need him since we're going to have Fleetwing hauled anyway.

You can't have too many lines out when you leave a boat for 2 months
We no longer have a car, the $10/day rental fee was only for the weekend. We'll rent another car for the drive home for the holidays. It's a break even proposition on whether you rent the car one way twice or just keep it for the full 1.5 months. With that we might as well just keep the car.