Sunday, November 13, 2016

Titusville - We visit Harvey's and the super moon

A bag of large grapefruit is $14.95, about 21 large grapefruit, very fresh, right off the trees
We wanted to stock up on citrus before we left for our trip north. The go to place around here is Harvey's Groves. They sell grapefruit and navel oranges already bagged but we go out back and pick out our grapefruit from a seconds bin. They taste just as good if not better since they are fresher due being such a good seller. The ones bagged may sit around awhile, we've tried both. Ann also got her fix of fudge for the trip home and for Sarah.

I'm fascinated by the long bow on this boat, I've never seen anything like it anywhere else
We got some last minute things at Walmart on the way home and now it's just waiting for our transmission to arrive, the first day it might be here is Monday. The last two days have been nice and easy but all that changes Monday when we must get the boat ready to be abandoned for almost two months while we"re up north.

A super moon over Titusville!
The alligator has not made an appearance since we first saw him but we did see a manatee today. The marina is famous for its manatees but there haven't been so many this year. Now it's pins and needles time waiting for the transmission to arrive from Denmark.


Fred Brillo said...

Its not cold enough for the manatees to show up in any numbers yet... after our first cold spell... (thats cold in Florida terms), the manatees come looking for warmer water.