Sunday, November 6, 2016

Titusville - a day off with a visit to Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge is one of our favorite spots
Enough of all this stuff of working on the boat, there will be enough of that next week. So with that we started out with donuts from the best donut shop in Titusville, Donuts for U. It looks like nothing special from the outside and even inside it doesn't look like anything to set it apart from hundreds of other donut shops. However, once you taste the donuts they make, it's another story. They are the best we've ever had. I would have a major crew revolt if I didn't buy donuts here on Sunday mornings.

Lots of interesting birds
Well, with that requirement out of the way, we spent a leisurely morning and then headed out to the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, one of our favorite spots and a must see for us every time we visit Titusville.  This time of the year the birds are still in migration and most have not arrived yet. Their high season for bird population is January and February, not November. Still, it's an interesting tour and it's free if you have a Golden Age Passport which is also free to anyone over 65.

And, of course, there are the ever present alligators all around
The refuge has wooden walkways through a forested area and a drive through area where the birds spend the winter months. We did both. The refuge is part of the Kennedy Space Center which let the refuge be formed from land they did not need. It's been a boon to the birds and bird watchers.

I have replacement parts for the cutlass bearing and the oil seal due to arrive on Monday and if all goes according to plan, we'll haul Fleetwing on Wednesday and repair the cutlass bearing. We will wait to hear from Brian in Connecticut, a Volvo dealer,  before deciding what to do with the aft oil leak but at least I'll have the parts. Replacing the cutlass bearing requires a haulout but repairing the aft oil seal does not. So the plan is to get the cutlass bearing replaced first and then schedule the oil seal repaired later, but not too later!


Fred Brillo said...

The white bird in the photo is an IBIS... famous for being the last bird to leave when a hurricane approaches and the first to return after is passes...and the mascot of the University of Miami Hurricanes.

Ansley Law said...

Such a beautiful bird and amazing how everything exists together - including those alligators.

Bob423 said...

Fred, I think I knew that. I just liked the photo of the Ibis standing in the water with his reflection and the rings of water where he dipped his beak.

Ansley, whenever I see a turtle around here I always expect it to suddenly disappear underwater as a morsel for an alligator. I don't think they can catch birds but I could be wrong.