Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Titusville - No transmission yet

I moved the dinghy between Fleetwing and the boat next door, protected for our stay up north
Oh, there's no joy in Mudville today, Casey didn't deliver the transmission! Today I finally got confirmation that it was shipped although the date was a day later than it should have been, 11/11/2016, last Friday. Counting three business days, it should have been here today but then they probably don't count the shipping day which would make it due tomorrow, Wednesday. Well, there's nothing we can do about it but wait. I still don't have the tracking number yet, I suppose I'll get that soon.

The teak after a treatment of Semco
Meanwhile, it's more of the same - getting the boat cleaned and ready for our departure. I use a teak treatment by Semco that gives the teak a natural look. It's advertised to last a season but it doesn't. It's a stain so it's easy to apply, I use a microfiber cloth which is good for no spillage. I've found that in the Florida sun you have to apply it every two months but then it's no big deal since you just dip the microfiber cloth into the Semco and then rub the stain into the teak. You can do it in a bout 15 minutes when at anchor, standing in the dinghy. At a dock it takes longer since it's a little awkward bending down to apply the Semco, about 1/2 hour. It does keep the teak looking good in my opinion.

The transmission is coming from Europe, the east, this direction!
My mechanic is due Wednesday but I'll have to delay since I don't have the transmission in hand. Everything else is going fine. The boat is all cleaned up and we will be packing Wednesday which is when I'll also pick up the car for the trip home. Now if that transmission would only arrive!