Monday, November 10, 2014

Titusville - storm day

Hurray, the rain left!
The body is lazy. After a length of exercises, the body learns just how high it has to lift a foot to clear the ground and no more. Unfortunately, that doesn't compensate for the occasional bump. Well, I encountered one today so the next thing I knew, I was on the ground. I was wearing shorts due to the 60 degree weather (I had to work that in some way...) so my knee took the brunt of the fall with the resulting scraped skin, bumped head and blood galore. On well, these things happen so I walked back to the marina and then realized I was no long wearing my glasses! So back to the running path with blood running down my leg, looking for my glasses. They weren't obvious but I kept looking - and then I heard a "crunch" - sure enough, I just found my glasses! Not in good spirits, I walked back to the marina, grrr. 

To compliment my outlook after that, it started to rain, actually a downpour for the next six hours. On the radar map it looked like a min-northeaster to us people from the north. Rain, rain and more rain as Hoolie longed for shore. Eventually we made landfall around 5:00 when the rain let up. .

Goodbye storm, have fun up north
At the end we did get a nice double rainbow complimented by a sunset from the departing storm. I was able to bend my glasses into some sort of resemblance to working order so all was not lost. Perhaps Tuesday will be a better day.