Sunday, November 16, 2014

Titusville - Manatees make their appearance

And they find members of the opposite sex and raise families! Love knows no bounds. 
We are due for a huge change of weather. The cold front hitting the north is due to reach almost to Florida and stall, at least that's the forecast. The high on Monday is okay but when the front arrives that night the winds will pipe up to 30 kts and Tuesday's high may not reach 60!

So I prepared the boat with a washing and the local manatees loved that! For some reason they are attracted to fresh water. Some of the water was spilling over into the harbor and the manatees like to let it drip right into their mouths. They have got to be the ugliest animals I've ever seen. In addition to the photo above, here's a video of them by the boat.  There are about 20 in the marina, I'm told. Mostly they are underwater but come up for air every few minutes but then only their nose. You can easily miss that maneuver if you are not watchful. All of them have the remains of scars on their backs where they've tangled with powerboat propellers. They are only vegetarians and eat the grass in the marina.

We're battening down the hatches for the next few days for the coming storm. On Wednesday we'll pick up our car for the trip north and leave early Thursday morning to arrive at Carrie's in Pennsylvania on Friday afternoon. It looks like we'll run into snow along the way.