Thursday, November 13, 2014

Titusville - Park Alligator

Hummm, beware of alligators?
Just another tourist warning?? We were walking by the local park today on a town sidewalk and saw the sign, "Swimming Prohibited, Beware of Alligators" and we thought, sure. The town is just covering their potential liability - but alligators in the middle of a town park, really... It was about 500 ft from a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise and within 50 ft of the town sidewalk.

He moved quickly into the water when I approached (still far away!) for a better shot
So on the way back I happened to glance over towards the pond and saw a shape that I recognized, a real, live alligator sunning itself on the bank. He was not small! The two supports for the telephone pole are about 3 ft apart, you do the math per the photo. We're told they go into hibernation about this time of the year, coming out in the spring but this one obviously was still active. He slid into the pond as I walked by.

Do alligators ever capture birds?
Even with the alligator around, there was plenty of wildlife with turtles, birds of all kinds and jumping fish. In our marina there were manatees and dolphins all around. Somebody must be food but they were all out and about today.

Blueberries in Florida? Yes, it's a big crop here
Meanwhile, I was quite surprised to discover blueberry bushes in Florida?! I didn't think they grew much south of New Jersey. Obviously I'm wrong. In fact, it's a major crop in Florida. Now we'll have to look for them in stores.

We'll pick up another $10/day car rental from Enterprise on Friday and explore art museums in Orlando and a Food Truck War in Titusville (I guess it's the latest thing, I've seen the same thing up north).Al