Saturday, November 15, 2014

Titusville - Enchanted Forest Preserve

I'm just fascinated by the walks through the Florida forests
This area of Florida is just full of preserves, some large and some very small. The one we visited today was especially interesting. There are trails through the Florida wilderness as it was 100's of years ago which sends you back in time - imagining that you're back in the 1700's and out in the woods. Of course, the overhead planes kind of spoil the illusion but it's neat nevertheless.

The water is actually a hand-dug canal before it was abandoned when rock was encountered
Today they had a festive with representations from local conservation groups and so we had a guide for our hike who pointed out the turtle burrows for one thing. We never knew that turtles made holes into the ground for their homes. It's also home for rattlesnakes and all manner of small mammals. Strangely enough, there were no insects - no mosquitoes, no no-seeums, no flies, etc., even though we were deep in the woods. We saw the remains of a hand-dug canal. I can't imagine the work involved in digging it by hand, wow. It was eventually abandoned when they ran into rock. Here's a video of our walk through the forest trail.

In the main pavilion they had many educational exhibits that were hands-on for kids. We'll certainly take Sarah there when we return in January. Florida does these types of things very well - and there was no charge!