Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Titusville - Law of lost objects

Ann likes cloud pictures - she'll use them in her paintings
Another day of recuperation on my leg so didn't do too much physical activity. However, the longer connector arrived between the autopilot control head and the course computer. When I found the first connector I had bought was too short, I removed the cable cover and "put it in a safe place" for when I could get a longer connector. Well, I finally got one twice as long which was fine but when I went looking for the cover "put in a safe place" I couldn't find it! So two hours later I was ready to execute the one sure fire way of finding anything on a boat -  buy another one! After that it's no fun for the offending unit to stay hidden so it will decide to almost immediately show itself (if it waits too long it loses the impact of making you feel bad). I've used that technique many times in the past to find lost objects. The only problem is that by that time, I no longer need whatever it was that I lost. Well, at least I've accumulated lots of spares with that approach.

So as I approached the computer for ordering, I happened to feel along the back shelf and discovered the cover lying under several other objects I didn't need to find at the moment. Ha, it screwed up - I found it without buying another unit!

So now the cockpit is in order with proper harness covers and all is right with the world. Ann painted most of the day (while I looked for the cover) and the weather was pleasant with temps in the high 70's. We'll continue doing odd jobs around the boat and enjoying the warm weather, we have another week down here before coming north.